Saturday, 5 March 2011

Groovy Soca Monarch Review

Another groovy soca monarch has come and gone and this time the winner is deserving of his title. KES delivered the performance of the night making up for the generally poor showing from the artists before him. His delivery was excellent both vocal and visual. The guest appearance of Lord Nelson was a fitting tribute to the original wotless man, the interaction with the crowd was also fantastic, in fact he was the only one to get close to the crowd and connect with the people. Well done man and we all look forward to the new album that you will be releasing after Carnival.

Benjai was deserving of second place, in fact he was in the lead up until KES performed. His downfall I believe was the band, their playing of the music for the song was not up to standard and his use of the national anthem in the beginning of his performance maybe against some laws of the land. I don't believe he should be charged he already has enough legal issues.

The people that should be charged are the judges for giving Destra third place for the half ah song she performed, even her back up dancers didn't even know she was finished. It was a poor performance from an artist that was expected to deliver a masterpiece. Allrounder deserved to be placed third, just for sheer entertainment it was interesting to say the least and who would ever forget the Gold Member outfit and the Mohawk wig

This brings me to the acts who took an unwanted page from the Soca Chutney book. Patch, Blaxx and others, start writing something that requires the use of some part of your brain and not this rum, rum and more rum shit, oh gosh man ease we up nah!!!!!!

The most disturbing aspect was the use of children in an environment where there is excessive alcohol consumption, and all the other activities. No child and I mean no child should be at the soca monarch finals after midnight, where are the parents or child services, UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

In the power category it was close between Iwer and Machel, with Machel coming out on top I say congrats to him and this is one time the judges had a hard task. there will be the masses that will say it was fixed, I'm sure the same would have happened if Iwer had won. The best part for me was in the beginning when JW & Blaze finally admitted that they wished they had sung Palance this year!!!!!!

Congrats to all winners and here's to having a safe and enjoyable carnival 2011.

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