Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Chutney Soca Monarch

And the winner is................by 7000 votes..........RRRRRRRRR.......Rickki Jai. 

Backstage at Skinner Park utter chaos:

Ravi B: "how could dey give dat to he i is d one who tell d whole country dat i spend $300,000 on d show how could dey give me only $100,000...ah go do fuh dem wait"

Jai: "Wait nah i really win...nice....ah hope nobody ask meh to share meh 2 million wit d  other artist, i hope nobody get dat idea".

Ravi B: "How dem people chupid so dey ent see i light up my jacket and spray paint abs on meh skinny body"

Jai: "I would like to thank White Oak for allowing me to sing this commercial here tonight and for waiving all applicable fees"

Ravi B: "Look at d shit he sing.....blasted rum song....he ent even have d balls to theif a good old indian tune like me"

Jai: "Buh wha do this skinny ass pipsqueak he ent know i singing while he was still liquid"

OK people all joke aside, the behaviour of Ravi B was unacceptable, although he had a right to be disappointed its human nature his action as a public figure shows people who look up to him as role model that violence is the way to express your disappointment. If there is cause for him to be charged for inciting a large crowd to violence he should be charged.

Lets face it, the quality of music that night was not at its highest standard all we can hope for is a better show next year. Anyhow I look forward to the soca and groovy soca monarch competitions with excitement...lets see how the Machel / Destra "battle" will shape up.


  1. lmao! but is not 200,000, its 100,000. that machel destra thing is crap. destra said that she's in d soca monarchs for fun and machel say this is not no fun thing, he in d soca monarch 2 win. but she sayin that he said war. however, on twitter, destra said it was picong its not serious as fan take it and machel did say he was in for fun, he didnt say he was in it for war. but in my opinion i think dey need to stop cuz fans takin dis picong thing to another level

  2. Ah yes! Remember the days when competition use to inspire greatness and sports-man like behavior!? What happen to those days? Maybe the old proverb "money is the root of all evil" is not too far from the truth after all.
    Competition is competition, right? Win, lose or draw this was meant to show case the talent and diversity of this genre of music...right?? According to the people Ricki Jai best represented us, right? I mean, when I tell my five year old that popularity is not important and will get you no where (certainly NOT $200,000.00)I was telling her the right thing, right? And that it is not only about winning but making yourself and the people you care for proud, I was not lying to her, right?
    Maybe next year the prize should be a job at Angostura and a pan of Crix and the prize money go to the various youth cultural youth groups through out the country so they too can learn and be inspired by the...eh....great talent in our country.
    Great blog! Keep it up!!

  3. Thanks for the comments, feel free to link this blog to all your friends